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    My sugar levels are down & I've lost about 40 pounds so far
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    FOODPICKER: Allergy Free: Dairy Free
    Amy's Roasted Vegetable Tamale

    More Often
    In Moderation
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    GlucoMenu helps Type 1, Type 2 & Pre-Diabetics with

  • Achieving better blood sugar results
  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Reducing confusion with treatment (what to eat, drink, activity, testing)
  • Coping with diagnosis, feeling better, and increasing energy levels
  • Carbohydrate Choices:  3
    66% of calories are from carbohydrate.  Your body's favorite energy source is carbohydrate.  Many organs in the body can use protein or fat for energy if carbohydrate is not available.  The brain, however, requires some carbohydrate (glucose) to function.

    Fat:  7 grams
    Your selection contains 22% fat.  Strive to consume less than 30% of your calories from fat.  This item contains zero saturated fat.  Limit saturated fat to 10% of total calories daily.

    Sodium:  680 milligrams
    Consider that fresh foods (e.g. fresh fruits and vegetables) often have significantly less sodium than processed foods.

    Fiber Benefit!
    This contains at least 5 grams of fiber.  Strive to consume 20-35 g. of fiber each day.

    If you choose this consider...

      Christine Always check the ingredient list to ensure the product is dairy free.  In addition to the words dairy or milk, look for words such as casein, caseinate, whey, lactalbumin, or lactoglobulin to indicate dairy as an ingredient.  Vegan (or animal free) products should not contain cow's milk or dairy products.  Some food labels will indicate they are manufactured in a facility with a particular allergen.

    To burn this off...
    • Walk for 56 minutes
    • Jog for 26 minutes
    • Bike for 35 minutes
    • Swim for 30 minutes
    Based on a person weighing 175 pounds (change weight)

    For more information regarding this product visit:  amyskitchen.com

      Blood sugar and diet are directly related.  It is important for those with Diabetes to learn as much as possible about nutrition.

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    FOODPICKER: Allergy Free: Dairy Free
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 item (292g)
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 280

    Total Fat 7g
       Saturated Fat 0g
       Monounsaturated Fat 0g
       Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
       Trans Fat 0g

    Cholesterol 0mg

    Sodium 680mg

    Total Carbohydrate 46g
       Dietary Fiber 8g
       Sugars 4g
       Sugar Alcohol 0g

    Protein 9g

    Vitamin A 15% Vitamin C 70%
    Calcium 15% Iron 25%

    Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Calories Per Gram:
    Fat 9  Carbohydrate 4  Protein 4

    GlucoMenu Diabetes Study - Average Weight Loss 14.1 Pounds!
    After 12 weeks our Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 patients
  • A1c decreased three-quarters percentage point (from 7.11 to 6.36)
  • Lost 14.1 pounds
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    GlucoMenu® FOODPICKER® is a program designed to help people with diabetes make better food choices.  Our hope is that people consider the foods they consume and how they can burn them off with exercise for good health.  We embrace the guidelines put forth by the American Diabetes Association as well as the American Dietetic & American Heart Associations.

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